"Transported After School 
Martial Arts Program"
An After School Program That Changes Lives!
Can't say enough great things about Awesome After School Club. Awesome staff, fantastic instruction and most of all my daughter LOVES it!!!! 
A. Thomas
HURRY! Spaces Don't Last Long!
Daily Classes In Martial Arts
Discipline - Focus - Respect
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We Help Make Life Easier:
Daily Practice
Anything we make a habit out of will form who we become. Good or bad, it's the habits we form on a daily basis that can set us up for success or failure.

The main focus of our program is the instruction of Martial Arts Skills and Personal Development. That is what separates our program from any other After School Program in the area. A structured program that mixes high energy, fun yet disciplined classes and personal development allows us to offer a program that can truly have significant positive results in your child's life.
The Science
Our curriculum is designed to get RESULTS! Our classes are structured in a way that allows us to cater to individual age groups and how they learn and retain information. The ability to disguise repetition hundreds of ways gives us the tools we need to build the proper skills that will help the students advance and evolve. This combined with daily practice makes for a successful student. You will see improvements at home, school and in attitude. 
The Benefits of Our Program
FREE Transportation From School
Daily Classes In Martial Arts
Snack Room & Homework Area
Most Holidays, Teacher In Service & Half Days Included 
Free Uniform, No Registration Fees & No Hidden Costs
No Contracts - Pay Weekly, Bi Weekly or Monthly
Access To Private After School Facebook Group
We Service The Following Schools!
Free Transportation Provided
Jesse Stuart Elementary
West Broadway Elementary
Pride Ave. 
Program Pricing
  •  Free Transportation From School
  •  Free Official School Uniform ($49 Value)
  •  Daily Classes In Martial Arts & Personal Development
  •  Private Facebook Community
  •  Deep Discounts on Training Equipment
  •  VIP Pricing to our Parents Nite Out Parties
  •  FREE  Day Camps for Snow Days and Holidays
All Of This Value For Only
Billed Weekly/Bi-Weekly/or Monthly.
    "Are their any additional fees?
    There are NO extra fees in our program at all!  All transportation, training, activities,  belt promotions when earned and schools out day camps are all included
    "Do I have to sign a long term contract?"
    We have various levels of agreements but you are not required to  sign a long term agreement but to get our best rates we do have a full school year agreement plan
    "Will my child get hurt?"
    With any sporting activity there is some risk of injury but it is our intent to provide the safest possible environment that is safety conscious at all times.  We want your child to have fun without the worry of getting hurt. 
    "What happens when I have to work and the kids are out of          school or have half days?"
    We will pick up students on 1/2 days for you and bring them to the academy for a day of games and activities before training times begin.  On Snow days, Holidays, or in-service days you can drip your child off for a Day Camp of fun an d games indoor and outdoor depending on weather.   These services are included in your membership
    "How does the transportation work and what is the latest I
             can pick up?"
    We pick up at all Madisonville city elementary schools in our passenger van and bring them to our facility where they train and play until you pick them up by 6pm